Campus Support

Help Maintain Our Beautiful Campus

It takes a small army to manage and maintain our campus. From sweeping floors to pulling weeds to planning events… name your skill, and we’ve got an opportunity for you!

There are many ways to get involved, check out the list below!

To Volunteer, just click here*!

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Building Maintenance Support

Consider yourself a handy person? Help us maintain, repair, and keep up our large campus.

Cleaning Volunteers

Do you care about creating a lovely and clean space for guests (clean counters, floors, sinks, tables, windows, etc.)? Then you may be a perfect fit for our Cleaning Crew! Volunteers shine our beautiful facility on a rotating schedule.

Eden’s Gardeners

Do you enjoy gardening and being outside? Be part of our team that keeps our campus flora looking fine.

First Aid Responders

To provide a safe environment for all the people who visit Crossroads every Sunday, we have a team of medical support on hand in the rare case of a medical emergency. CPR, First Aid, and AED certified volunteers are placed on a rotating schedule.

Grounds & Mowing Crew

To keep our grounds maintained, volunteers, mow and trim grass in the summer and shovel and plow snow in the winter.

Office Support

Whether you have IT or organizational skills, or simply want to help with preparing for services or special events, there’s a place for you!

Baptism Support

Help with setting up, emptying, and putting away the baptismal pool. You can even train to become a member of our Baptism service team assisting those who plan to celebrate their baptism along with their families.

Events Support

Whether we’re hosting concerts, retreats, or guest speakers… there are multiple pieces to an event puzzle. We need volunteers with great organizational skills to lead teams and make all the pieces fit.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can put your talents to great use at Crossroads, please contact Jill Theodorovich.

How You Can Help

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