Use Your Gifts in Service to God

Want to find your best fit on where to serve? Click here to learn about our S.H.A.P.E. Class.

Urgent Needs

Choose one of the opportunities below to serve where it is most needed.

Serve In Children’s Church
Help Create a Safe Place for Friendships to Grow
Sponsor Our Food Pantry!
Pause • Pray • Share

Ongoing Needs


Serve at


It takes a small army to maintain our beautiful campus. From sweeping floors to pulling weeds, helping with office needs and planning events we need your help!

Serve the


We work with and financially support both Christian ministries and other non-profit agencies doing great work for the human family in our community.

Serve The


We partner with organizations around the world who are on site and serving as Jesus' hands and feet to our neighbors with great needs in other countries.

Choose one of our partners or programs below and use your gifts to bless others.

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  • Serve At Crossroads
  • Serve The Community
  • Serve The World
Campus Support
Help Maintain Our Beautiful Campus
Dedicated to the Future of Haiti's Children
Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force
Help Prevent Trafficking Within the State of Michigan
Worship Arts
Use Your Creativity for God
S.A.F.E Place
Provide Safety to, Empower, and Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence
Children’s Church & Teens
Invest in the Next Generation
Guest Services
Help Others Feel Welcome
Children’s Advocacy Center
Investigating, Treating and Prosecuting Child Abuse Cases
Sexual Assault Services
Comprehensive Services, Support and Advocacy for People Affected by Sexual Assault
Fountain Clinic
Help Those Who Cannot Afford Medical Care
Transforming Church® Initiative
A Journey of Spiritual Transformation
I’ve Got Your Backs
Educate, Impact, and Inspire Hope to Youth in Need