Give Back From What God Has First Given Us


As Christ followers, we give back from what has been given to us by God. We practice tithing (Malachi 3:10) and gift-giving.


Your giving goes to support the missions and ministries of Crossroads Church. You can select specific missions/ministries when you give, or give generally to have your giving go to the most pressing needs.

Ways to give

1. Give Online

2. Text dollar amount to 84321.

The first time this is done, you are prompted for your name and identifying info rmation and preferred payment method. Then it will prompt for whether you want to do a one time donation, or recurring donation. After you have done the initial setup, the next time you donate, you can text the dollar amount to 84321 and by default, it will go to the general giving account.

3. Mail a Check to: Crossroads Church, 717 US Highway 27 N, Marshall, MI  49068.