What if…

What if Crossroads ceased to exist....

Early on in Crossroads’ story, we asked ourselves the question that still keeps us centered on God’s purpose for us, 

“Would anyone miss the Crossroads family if we ceased to exist?
Would the impact of our presence be easily replaced or forgotten?”


For the last 30 years, Crossroads has been growing in community, regional, and national impact from a home base of a city of under 7,000. The impact and influence continue to grow. It’s a great time to celebrate and upgrade the wineskin from which we’ve launched our ministry.

Consider just a few facts…
  • Thousands of people have experienced the life-giving  presence of God on Sunday mornings.
  • Hundreds have committed their lives to Christ through this ministry (they are still on the journey).
  • Thousands of students have encountered Jesus on Sunday mornings, through student ministries, Upward Basketball, Cornerstone Christian Academy, and a multitude of other youth  ministries and outreaches.
  • Thousands have been fed & ministered the gospel through our Bread of Life Food Pantry.
  • Thousands of leaders come from all over the country, and other parts of the world, to be trained  and experience what God is up to at Crossroads. They head home, taking back what is received  while here.
  • People trapped in human slavery are being freed. Children are being educated, fed, and taught the way of Jesus internationally. Abused children in our region are receiving the love  and compassion of Jesus in the most vulnerable moments of their lives through The Child Advocacy Center.
  • Children, women & men are discovering they are made in God’s image, have Divine purpose, and are in pursuit of their reason for being on this planet.
Yes, friends, you would be missed,
Crossroads would be missed
if we weren’t here!


WE are Crossroads Church and Ministries,
we are just getting started
making a Kingdom difference in this world!

Will you consider partnering, or continuing to partner, with Crossroads Church to continue this good work? Here are two things you can be sure of:


your past support and gifts have accomplished the miraculous! We, as Crossroads, would be missed as a powerful expression of Christ’s love for the world and we would leave this world wanting. Thank you for loving God and people in natural and supernatural ways! Thanks be to God for these indescribable gifts!

And last,

at a time in history when many are fainting, have lost vision, or are pulling back in their commitment and generosity, you can be a part of continuing the Crossroads Good News Work in our region and around the world!

Let’s continue to make The Good News of Jesus count in this region and the world through your generosity; any and every contribution will help us accomplish much!

Your giving will be an open door of opportunity for the name of Jesus to be preached, evil to be pushed back, and our presence as a faith community to keep changing our world.

Grace, Peace, & Increase,

Scott, Clare & the Crossroads Elders


If you have any questions you can contact Jill Theodorovich.


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