In-Service Care Practices

How We are Making Service Safe

CCM Mask Icon

Face Coverings

If you are fully vaccinated you are welcome to come to service mask-free. Otherwise, we will finish this marathon we’ve been on, caring for the most vulnerable, so please wear a mask to/from your seat and during singing, unless you are fully vaccinated, until July 1st, 2021. Thank you for creating a culture of care! (Children who are of PreK age & younger are exempt from this requirement.)




We will do our best to make our services as “touch-free” as possible!


Air Hugs/Elbow Bumps

As you attend service in-person, by all means enjoy each other’s company,
while doing your best to practice safe-distancing.


Family/Individual Seating Pods

Family/individual seating “pods” for services will be safe-distanced.


Prayer Board

Write a prayer request on a sticky note at your table.
Leave the note at your seat & we will place it on the Prayer Board for you.


Candle Wall

When lighting a candle at the candle wall, please practice waiting at a safe distance.



Single-serving cups with juice and a wafer will be available at each service.


Dress in Layers

The room will be a bit cooler than usual due to the fresh outside air venting
in. Dress warmly, or bring a throw blanket! (Learn more about air ciculation here.)



Pre-poured coffee with a closed lid & individual creamer/sugars will be available "to go" to your seat for a low-touch option.

Thank you for helping create a culture of care!

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Other Safety Measures

Air Circulation

We will also have our side windows and doors open during service while having the ceiling air fans on for the entire service to create a positive pressure inside the room to push air particles down to the floor and out the windows/doors.

You may notice a cool breeze and will want to dress accordingly for services in the building.

At Your Seating Area

We are working to make services as touch-free as possible. At each seating area will be single-use items including:

  • Individual Communion Cups
  • Individual Kid Craft Bags for Kids (so there will not be shared supplies)
  • Sticky Notes for prayer requests for the Prayer Board. (Or you can text your prayer requests to 269-247-7717.)