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A Trinitarian & Enneagram Harmony Approach

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2-Step Registration Process

MOS ©iEnneagram Training & Entry into CSRSD

Because our school uses a Trinitarian & Enneagram Harmony approach we require students to complete the Motions of the Soul ©iEnneagram Training & Certification program at Level 2. Trainings are typically held in January and June each yer. This training can be attended in person or online via Zoom. The cost to attend this certification is separate and not included in the price of the CSRSD tuition.

You may register for the MOS training and CSRSD school at the same time. We recommend registering for both so that you can secure your spot in the CSRSD school.

If you are undecided about attending the school of spiritual direction you may register for the MOS ©iEnneagram training program in January, and then decide at the end of that training if you would like to enroll in the CSRSD school, as long as spots are still available.

Step 1

School Pre-Requisite

The pre-requisite for the Crossroads Soul Resources School of Spiritual Direction (CSRSD) is to complete the Motions of the Soul (MOS) ©iEnneagram Training & Certification program. Trainings are held typically in January and June each year. You can attend it online via Zoom or in person.

  • Register for Motions of the Soul ©iEnneagram Training & Certification here.
    Choose "Level 2" when registering (to receive certification).


If you are already a ©iEnneagram CERTIFIED practitioner with MOS (alumni) we strongly recommend attending the next MOS training as a refresher for $149 (link below). If you have questions/concerns about this, please contact Clare.


If you are an MOS alumni but did not become certified, you will need to complete the Level 2 work necessary to become certified. Please contact Clare if you have questions, or, register to attend the next MOS training and complete the work at that time for $149 (link below).

Step 2

Register for School

As soon as you have registered for the MOS ©iEnneagram training (in Step 1) you can then register at the link below to secure your spot in the school with a minimum deposit.


If you have any questions or concerns when registering for the school we are happy to help!

Reach out to Lori Tate at (419) 345-0592 or email anytime and she can walk you through the registration process or answer any questions you have.

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