Welcome to Church, Spring 2023

Connecting & Journeying Together Inside & Outside the Building


What's New at Crossroads

Hello Church, 

We are very grateful for you and your love for Crossroads Church and Ministries this season. Your generosity and ability to live into questions with faith in God make this a particularly warm season of ministry. 

This past year we gathered a focus group of 14 people from our congregation to talk about the direction of our Church. These people had a wide range of experience and time (from 6 months to 31 years!) in our Church. Under the facilitation of our longtime friends Rob and Kelly Kastens, who we met in the community at the Transforming Center and who now work with Intentional Churches., we evaluated current realities. We identified emerging areas for our focused attention. 

During our time together there was a strong sense that Crossroads, once again, has a unique call to be a church of humility, prophetic provision, justice, mercy, and love for our neighbor. In addition, there was a strong and beautiful desire for our Church to continue to grow in how we foster connection, belonging, and journey as ONE body in Christ with many parts and God-given diversity.

As a result of these noticings, we have formed three teams to continue working on operationalizing this work into the fabric of our Church:

Kelly Finn (kfinn@albion.edu) has graciously agreed to be our “activator” guiding the process as a whole. Feel free to contact Kelly with any questions, specifically about the process as a whole. 

Each of these groups has obvious overlap, and we look forward to the work of the Holy Spirit through new ideas and systems ahead! If you have any thoughts, experiences, stories, or insights that you would like to share with our teams, feel free to contact our team leaders to share your hopes for the future of our Christ's church, universal and locally, at Crossroads.

We are so grateful to remain on this journey with all of you. 

With faith, hope, and especially love,

Scott and Clare

Stand at the Crossroads and look. Ask for the ancient paths. Ask where the good way is and you will find rest for your souls.

Jeremiah 6:16

As always, please contact us anytime if you have any questions!

Elders, Pastors and Ministry Team


We are meeting IN-PERSON & ONLINE weekly.

If you'd prefer to join us online, use the link below!

Click here to WATCH [LIVE] ONLINE Sundays @ 10:32 a.m.
*Each Sunday we have a designated Online Pastor who is present in the chat feature on our Facebook page. You can ask for prayer and connect with that pastor during the [LIVE] stream of the service!


Small Groups are available!

Click here for Small Group info.



  • We have Sunday School EVERY Sunday for ages Nursery-8th grade!  Learn more here!
  • For our children and families joining us from home/online we also have resources that can be accessed anytime on our CR KIDS web page here


TOGETHER IN THE BUILDING "Culture of Care" Practices:
  • We will be Covid-careful in our service and event planning.
  • You can choose to sit together or be distanced. We have both seating options available for whatever your comfort level is.
  • You can come to service mask-free, or wear a mask, based on whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Thank you for helping us create a culture of care in our community!


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