Letter from Pr. Carlo

What's currently happening in Haiti

Written: August 27, 2022

(Content warning: violence)

We at New World Mission for Christ are infinitely grateful to God for Crossroads Church and Ministries that have always been with us even in our darkest times.

Again today you are ready to reach out to us in this valley that we are in. Today you are still there by our side, to strengthen us, to encourage us, to pray with us, and to advise us.

As you can imagine how painful it has been to continue to get reports every day from my beloved homeland. This very morning there was a funeral for two parents from our church in Meyer. They were on their way to Port au Prince on a motorcycle last week to take care of some family business when they were executed by gang members in the middle of the road.

I also received another devastating report that was so shocking I was speechless for a number of days. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. There was a woman from Meyer that was traveling by car to Port au Prince with her two daughters. Gang members stopped the car and shot everyone inside the car and then they lit the car on fire with everyone inside.

With all this chaos and insanity many congregations have closed their doors. While this makes sense in the natural. We have but one choice WE MUST CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD…

How can we move forward? We must continue to trust in the mighty hand of God as we have always done. We can move forward because of YOU… For all these many years the leadership and the people of Crossroads have stood with us. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for your continued love and sacrifice to bless the lives of the people of Haiti.

On Monday, September 5, 2022, it is the official date in Haiti for children to return to school. This date makes me shudder as I think of the madness that our country is experiencing. There are many reasons to give up, there are many reasons to be depressed and discouraged. But I remember the words of Jesus speaking to the man with the withered hand in the temple in Mark 3:3 “And He said to the man who had the withered hand, “Step forward.” WE MUST STEP FORWARD!

Besides the opening of the school, my wife’s long-time dream of having a kindergarten is becoming a reality. We have named it the Kindergarten Jardin Fleuri of Guerlie to honor my wife’s dream. It is so important to continue to dream in the midst of everything we face as a nation. We must not allow our dreams to be STOLEN…

To help support the new kindergarten GUERLEE NATURAL a leading Skin Care Store based in Lehigh Acres has been launched. We offer a wide spectrum of products and services, personalized to suit specific needs. All the profits will go to support the kindergarten as we are determined to invest in the future of a new generation of children. You can also invest in the future of Haiti by visiting: www.guerleenaturalcare.com

I am happy to report the basketball court that you invested in has finally been completed.  Thank you for fulfilling our vision to have a basketball court not only for the children of our church but for the children of Meyer. The completion of the basketball court is a testimony to the entire community that we can still have hope in the middle of chaos and that miracles are possible.

President George Washington said: “Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.” We believe he was right. We must continue the fight for education despite everything we are facing. We do not want to give up. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!

When we look at what God has already done through our ministry and because of your heart and faithfulness I am overwhelmed with thankfulness.

I would like to share our vision for this new academic year 2022 -2023, We have purposed in our hearts that we will continue to impact every child’s life and we will empower their potential for their future by:

Providing them with a snack at school. It is said, “that hungry stomach has no ears.” For the vast majority of children, it will be the only food they will have for the day.

To establish a program where they can borrow the books on (Mathematics, Grammar, History, and Science.) To get the books is difficult and very expensive but without books, it is really a waste of time.

We want to be able to support our valiant teachers who are already underpaid and they are asking rightfully so for an increase in their pay.

Our vision is to hire a basketball coach for the school and the youth of the community. (I have the confidence that our community will rise many great basketball players.)

The news from my dear native land is certainly devastating It seems that everything is collapsing. Personally, I sometimes cry bitterly over the misery, the chaos that my brothers and sisters, my people, and my friends. Can you imagine the fear they face knowing for no reason they can be kidnapped or killed?

I have not lost hope. I CANNOT NOT LOSE HOPE… Let’s continue to join hands, and help us impact these lives for the future of Haiti. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY – I know you have sowed out of the abundance of your HEARTS for each child and for the future of Haiti…

May God bless you all!

In Him,
Pastor Carlo Thomas