Haiti School Box Project

Make a Difference in the Future of a Haitian Student

By law, education is free for Haitian children; in practice, access is sharply limited by school location, language comprehension, cost of school clothes and supplies, and the availability of teachers. Only about 50 percent of the school-aged children actually attend. As a consequence of limited educational opportunities, only 53 percent of the adult population is literate. This is why Crossroads partners with Pastor Carlo to make a difference in the lives of the children of Haiti by making education available to everyone.

By providing these school supplies and a one time gift of $25, you can make a difference in the future of a Haitian student.

Once you have purchased the supplies below, they can be dropped off at the church. Supplies must be sealed into a plastic bag. The children of Haiti would also like to pray for you. Please include your name along with a prayer request in the bag!

  • pens
  • pencils
  • colored pencils
  • crayons
  • ruler
  • solar calculator
  • scissors
  • markers
  • pencil case (soft)
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • pencil sharpener
  • 1 pair of flip flops (any size)

Please do not include your check with the supplies.

Checks for $25 should be made out to CCM World Missions and be marked “Haiti School Box.”  ($7 pays for shipping, $18 goes for items the student may need, e.g.. shoes, clothing, food.)

Checks can be placed in an offering basket or mailed to:

CCM Haiti World Missions
717 US Highway 27 North
Marshall, MI  49068