Goats for Haitians

Goats Provide Food, Fertilizer, and Income

Goats require 85% less land than a cow.

They are hardy, agile, and tough animals.

They are versatile feeders. Crossbred goats are twice as valuable as local Haitian goats.

Goat is the premium meat in Haiti.

Goat manure is an excellent source of much needed fertilizer. 

Goats are a living, viable asset, providing milk, meat and income.

Goats and goat products are sold to pay for school, clothing, medical care and other necessities.

Any amount you can contribute to help make this project a success will be greatly appreciated. But for the price of a dinner out, you can impact a family. One goat costs $40; an additional $1,250 will build a corral. Our Dream is to build a small 14,000 sq. ft. corral in each village that has a goat project. This corral will serve as a barrier to protect the goats from predators.

How You Can Help

No opportunities at this time.