Marriage Seminars and Retreats

Give Marriage the Depth and Height You Desire

Good marriage don’t happen by chance. Thriving, abundant relationships develop over time with attention and intention. There are spiritual practices that open us up to the abundant life Jesus promises (John 10:10). We offer periodic seminars and retreats that teach and equip couples.

Enneagram in Marriage

Understanding ourselves and our spouse can keep us in the place of marital reverence, forgiveness and JOY. Rediscovering the way your spouse is made in God’s image and empathizing with their shadow side, can give marriage the depth and height you desire. We teach this seminar with humor and grace, and let the Holy Spirit do what only the Holy Spirit can do.

Marriage in the Overflow

When the health of marriages are threatened by the floods of this life there is an overflow of the Spirit we can reach down into that will keep us from giving up and even drowning.

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