Returning to Church

Connecting & Journeying Together


We are excited to return for the RISE Series
@ Crossroads!

Dear Crossroads Family,

Jesus taught us that when we pray to say, "Our Father."  We invite you to join us in praying to Our Father—not only for the safety of our reopening, but healing, God's justice and racial reconciliation in our communities and our nation. Crossroads has always intentionally Risen to bring us together as a human family, and now more than ever, the church is a vital part of setting the example of Christ’s family who can RISE  and bring God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thank you for staying connected Sunday's online, in small groups and financially. Because of you Crossroads continues to be a RISING community bringing God's Kingdom  through preaching the Good News and Missional Outreach.

We realize not everyone will be ready to venture out at the same time due to a wide variety of circumstances. We are advising those who have concerns about attending in-person as well as individuals or families of individuals who may be exhibiting symptoms, to please continue to worship with us online. 

Crossroads has been serving the world through multi-media for over two decades and we have just raised the bar and  invested time, talent and treasure to improve what we can offer. Many of you will continue to engage through that online. In fact, as we invest time in planning our on-campus gatherings, we are simultaneously continuing to investigate innovative ways to connect virtually!

As we open the campus for outdoor weekend gatherings, these limited-size, physical-distance gatherings may feel different than what you experienced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our plan is to begin our physical gathering together with summer outdoor celebrations (weather permitting).

These outdoor gatherings will be our NEXT STEP in a series of steps as we move into our future. We hope the following information will equip you to navigate the journey under the current protocol:


In adhering to the recommended large group and physical distancing  guidelines, reservations will be required through the use of free tickets. Reservations for weekend worship gatherings will be available beginning at 8 a.m. the Tuesday prior to the weekend. This will assist our team of volunteers and staff in preparations for each weekend. As of now only 100 are able to gather outdoors but STAY TUNED that may change to 250 before July 5th.

For reservations click here.
(Free reservations for Sunday, July 5th now open!

You asked for it you got it! For those that do not use face masks these clean portable toilets will be available in the parking lot during the service. =)

Face coverings or face masks will be required for those who use the bathroom in the building during the service. Children under 2-years-old are exempt from this requirement. If wearing a mask is prohibitive to your attending in-person weekend worship gatherings, we would ask that you please continue to worship with us online until this requirement is relaxed.


Please maintain the recommended 6-foot physical distance at all times. For the safety of one another, refrain from hugging, high-fiving, handshakes, or other physical contact. AIR HUGS WELCOMED While we all miss having the time to connect socially with each other in person, we need to maintain a mindful and safe environment for everyone. Now more than ever we are being invited to “love your neighbor as yourself.” 

Let's make this a festival and RISE together! bring crackers/bread and juice/wine to celebrate our common union. Sit in your comfy soccer chair blanket, or cushion!


While childcare and Children’s Church are not available at this time, we are continuing the on-demand, online worship service exclusively for children. These videos can be watched anytime at (and will be posted weekly on the CR KIDS web page here. We will also connect with families through our postcard campaign this summer.

As we begin to re-engage physically, we appreciate your grace and understanding of guidelines that you may or may not agree with. LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING WITH YOU! Thanks to all who have through your time, talent and treasure are helping us get ready for this way to be back in-person with drive-in services!! 

We are grateful to offer worship online and expand our digital opportunities. As we look to God's Kingdom coming on earth,and one day free from COVID-related restrictions...join us in praying for this next chapter of Helping People Navigate the Journey Home… 

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions!

With love and care,
Scott and Clare for the Elders, Pastors and Ministry Team


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