Lead Pastors


Scott and Clare Loughrige are co-Founding Lead Pastors of Crossroads Church. With a vision of starting a dynamic life-filled church, Scott and Clare were sent from a pastoral team in Downriver Detroit in April 1991 and came to live in the Marshall area in 1992.

They are deeply committed to building a community where spiritual transformation is the norm and from a place of transformation- take action in the world. They serve in local and worldwide missions devoted to social justice issues and find no sacred secular split. They believe that social change emerges from a place of deep connectedness with Christ and a community of faith.

"We have chosen to stay at Crossroads all these years and live into a longterm commitment to a local church," they said. "We have enjoyed watching this church continue to transform into the image of Christ and feel deeply grateful to have served this community in that process. Crossroads has been and continues to be a community that is transforming for the sake of the world Jesus loves. Everyday this community challenges us to grow in faith, hope and love. We love our church!"

In addition to their commitment to ministry in their own community, they speak at conferences, seminars and retreats and have a deep commitment to strengthen the souls of fellow pastors and ministry leaders and the churches they serve.

"Our friend who is a psychologist for pastors in crisis said, 'Do you know what a miracle it is that after these many years in ministry you still love God, the Church and each other?!' We realize it is a miracle and a grace but it has not been without intentional effort. We have given our lives to train and continue to form as Christ's ministers. We have not wanted to give a message that we couldn't experience ourselves. As the grateful pastors of this communnity, the thriving parents of married adult children and growing grandchildren we have HOPE for pastors and leaders in whatever they face."  

Scott and Clare offer trainings and resources to help you form in the image of Christ as you "navigate the journey". For a list of their particular areas of expertise, please visit Pastoral & Leadership Missions.

To learn more, or to meet with either Pastor in person, please contact Crossroads Church as (269) 781-9094.