Helping people navigate the journey home…

This isn’t just something we say, it’s a mission we live both locally and internationally. Through the generosity of people like you, we bring the love of Christ to those who need it most.

We live, eat and breathe our missions 24/7, which include:

  • Transporting youth from Washington Heights for church programs and events
  • Mentoring and training in life skills and career planning
  • Scholarships for events and training
  • Financial support to local athletic programs
  • Sponsor-a-Child Christmas Project

(open to the community)

Join with us as we bring and serve a hot meal to homeless men, women and children while having the opportunity to pray together. We meet the 3rd Friday of every month at the Share Center in Battle Creek, the doors open at 6 p.m. Contact Melissa Skiendziel for more details.