Crossroads Church Transforming Day Retreats

Crossroad’s Church is a community that offers a series of Transforming Retreats once a quarter, allowing you to focus on knowing, discovering and building a deeper spiritual relationship with God.

There are 8,760 hours in a year. Why not devote 3.5 hours to grow closer to God?

Via each Day Retreat, Senior Pastors Scott and Clare Loughrige will lead you through Scripture and prayer practices that include understanding transformation within a Christ-centered journey; developing spiritual disciplines and life rhythms that help you be aware of God's presence in your everyday life.

Upcoming Transforming Retreats dates and times

Registration for next 2-Year Retreat: Honoring the Body

Registration for the next Day Retreat:  Honoring the Body

For more details, including costs for materials, please visit the Next Steps Table on a Sunday morning, or contact the office at (269) 781-9094 or email us here.

Why should I consider Crossroads Transforming Retreats as a next step?

To Know
To establish an understanding of spiritual transformation with the Christ following journey.

To Discover
Spiritual disciplines that lead to knowing and deepening a
relationship with God.

To Grow
To guide you in developing a personal rhythm of spiritual disciplines that are realistic and keep you growing in God.

To Build
Crossroads is a church that believes in the power of God’s Word and God’s presence in the community of Christ followers who can impact our world.

Clare and Scott use the Sacred Rhythms, written by Ruth Haley Barton, as the primary retreat guide. They have been with Dr. Barton and the Transforming Center, a community of Pastors and Christian leaders committed to leading from a strong soul, for 14 years. Crossroads is a part of the Transforming Churches Network, a community of churches that believes transformation is central to the Gospel, therefore it must be central to the message of their church. Scott and Clare offer these retreats to create space for Romans 12:2 to become  reality in the lives of those who participate - "Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God - what is good and acceptable and perfect."

They believe this retreat model is the most effective transformation/discipleship tool they have ever seen or utilized in their 25 years as Crossroads Senior Pastors, and more than 30 years in ministry.

Do something profoundly good for your soul - and join us on this journey today!