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Crossroads is a transforming community that offers a series of retreats once a quarter allowing  you to focus on knowing, discovering and building a deeper spiritual relationship. Senior Pastors Scott and Clare Loughrige will lead you through practices that include:

  • understanding transformation within a Christ-centered journey
  • developing spiritual practices and personal rhythms that bring you closer to God
  • experiencing the love of Christ through a transforming community


There are 8,760 hours in a year.

Why not devote 60 of them
to growing closer to God?

Each retreat can either stand alone or you can commit to a two-year journey with each retreat building upon the previous sessions. Retreats are themed and participants learn practical direction on practicing spiritual disciplines both personally and in community. The 2-year community focuses on living the vision of Romans 12:2: "Be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God - what is good and acceptable and perfect," the sacred commitment of "arranging our lives for spiritual transformation so we can discern and do the will of God," and a shared definition of "spiritual transformation: the process by which Christ is formed in us for the glory of God, for the abundance of our own lives, and for the sake of others."
Our retreats use the Sacred Rhythms curriculum written by Ruth Haley Barton, coupled with Clare and Scott's more than 14 years of experience with the Transforming Center. CCM is a part of the Transforming church Network, a community of churches that believes transformation is central to the Gospel.

In the 24 years the Loughriges have served in full-time pastoral ministry, they see this transformational model as being graced for helping individuals be "formed into the image of Christ."

Retreat Opportunities include:
  • Teaching sessions on the personal and relational aspects of each theme
  • Practical guidance for practicing spiritual disciplines personally
  • Practical guidance for practicing spiritual disciplines in community (for 2-Year Community option)
  • Guidance for meeting with a spiritual friend (for 2-Year Community option)

Why should I consider Crossroads Transforming Retreats as a next step?


To establish an understanding of spiritual transformation within the Christ-following journey


Spiritual practices that lead to knowing and deepening a relationship with God


To guide you in developing a personal rhythm of spiritual practices that are realistic and keep you growing in God


Crossroads is a church that believes in the power of god's Word and God's presence in the community of Christ followers that can impact our world

Crossroads Transforming Retreats Schedule
Retreat 1:
2/6/16 at 9am-2:30pm
Retreat 4:
11/5/16 at 9am-12:30pm*
Retreat 7:
8/5/17 at 9am-12:30pm*
Retreat 2:
4/30/16 at 9am-12:30pm*
Two Year Community Participants Registration
Day Retreat Registration
Retreat 5:
Scriptures Reading
2/4/17 at 9am-12:30pm*
Retreat 8:
A Rule of Life
11/4/17 at 9am-12:30pm*
Retreat 3:
Solitude and Silence:
Creating Space for God
8/6/16 at 9am-12:30pm*
Retreat 6:
Honoring the Body 
5/6/17* at 9am-12:30pm*
Note:  This date is subject to change.
Retreat 9:
For the Sake of Others
2/3/18 at 9am-12:30pm*

* If you are in the 2-Year Community, your retreat will begin the night before (Friday at 7:00pm).

For more details including dates/times, and costs for these retreats, or to find out about the option to obtain a  “Certificate in Transformation,” please visit the NEXT STEPS TABLE on a Sunday morning at Crossroads Church.