Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans

Have you ever set the goal of reading through the Bible only to get lost somewhere between the “begat’s” of Genesis and the laws of Leviticus?  We’ve pulled several reading plans together to help you stay on target as you navigate your way through the Bible. Choose a plan that best suits your style and season of life, and  you’re on your way!

The Bible Story

Read the Bible chronologically.

Different Topics

Read from a different section of the Bible each day.  

Old Testament and New Testament

Read from both Testaments daily.

Straight Through

Read the Bible in one year.

Book at a Time

The book-at-a-time Bible reading plan with
two readings daily.

Family Bible Reading Plan

Five weekly readings averaging approximately
20 verses daily. 

5x5x5 Reading Plan

Through the New Testament in five days a week,
five minutes a day.

Chronological Order

The material of the Bible organized to chronologically.