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    June 4-7, 2018 Register Here or January 7-12, 2019

This Training is accredited by the International Enneagram Association.  Participants who want to be recognized as an accredited Enneagram Professional can count this program toward their own accreditation through the IEA.
A substantive, dynamic training with Rev. Clare Loughrige, an International Enneagram Association Accredited ProfessionalEnneagram Author and is cited with some of most recognized teachers and writers with Integrative Studies, Loyola University Chicago. Using Ignatian Spiritual Practices, Enneagram Harmony Triads and Spiritual Discipline, integrating IQ-Intellectual Intelligence, EQ-Emotional Intelligence, and GQ-Gut/Instinctual Intelligence, for an integrated and discerning life.  Combining Trinitarian Theology, Harmony Map of the Enneagram, ancient and contemporary Christian spiritual practices which unlock dismissed parts of the self. MOS is a spiritual/psychological mapping and remembering of The Trinity and the 3 centers of the soul as the true-self, made in God's Image.

Just recently, the work of the Enneagram has begun to unpack The Harmony Triads Theory which is central to ©MOS. You will not find Harmony Triad in most books or websites on the Enneagram, and yet it is crucial in the work of transformation. David Daniels, MD, a Psychiatrist and Stanford University Professor, is one of the foremost teachers of the Enneagram and he states,

"The Enneagram of Harmony Triads, are the key to development."

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Leaders, pastors, coaches, human resource personnel, therapists, 
teachers, counselors, spiritual directors and persons on an intentional transformation journey.The Motions of the Soul; The ©iEnneagram uses THE Harmony Triads integrating IQ, EQ, GQ, to re-member your dismissed childlike self for a whole, holy, integrated and discerning life. Proffessionals discover a map to help their directees/clients.


Two Unique Enneagram Guides by Rev. Clare Loughrige:

  • ©Enneagram Personality Styles: A Tool for Self-Knowledge and Transformation
  • ©Motions of the Soul: ©iEnneagram, Ignatius meets the Enneagram

Coordinating Powerpoint slides for teaching:

  • ©Enneagram Personality Styles - 100+ slides
  • ©Motions of the Soul: iEnneagram - 100+ slides


  • Basic theoretical framework on which the Enneagram is based
  • *Interpret Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales wepss.com test results (see below)
  • Harmony Triads Theory and Raymon Llull’s 14th-century diagram
  • Deep knowledge of self and what developed that self
  • Defense mechanisms and ego fixation awareness practices
  • True-Self/False-Self awareness and tools to choose life and wholeness
  • Dismissed Child Like Self and Integration practices
  • Christian historical roots of the Enneagram
  • Trinitarian theory
  • Ignatian spiritual practices that inform the ©iEnneagram
  • Spiritual Disciplines to center each style
  • Spiritual Rhythms for interior freedom
  • Practices to develop a whole and discerning life


June 4-7, 2018 9:30-4:00 includes lunch


Crossroads Church and Ministries, 717 US Highway 27 Marshall MI 49068


Four day –$750 (includes lunch)

Prerequisite - Take the *Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales wepss.com

Participants will take the only Enneagram inventory published by a major psychological test company with sufficient research to be reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook. Cost $10.00 Participants will take this inventory and learn to interpret the results through Harmony Triads lens.  


Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn: 1/2mile from Crossroads

Comfort Inn: Marshall: 3 miles from Crossroads

Battle Creek area hotels 10 to 30 minutes from Crossroads


Grand Rapids and Detroit Airtports:  75 mins fro Marshal

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Airport: 30 mins from Marshall


Is your program suitable for all levels of Enneagram knowledge? 
Yes. Take away will vary with experience. Participants will receive certification specific to your core competencies (determined in post training application) in the Enneagram and spiritual formation education and expertise.

Two levels of certification:

  1. Certificate of Completion: Attend all 4 days
  2. Professional CertificationMOS ©iEnneagram Educator, Practitioner- Complete all 4 days of Training. Complete post training assignments- Autobiographical reflection paper. Develop Head, Heart, Gut Motion Mantras for each type. Written Discernment Exercise.


Rev. Clare Loughrige, MMin, is Co-founding Lead Pastor of Crossroads Church and Ministries in Marshall, Michigan since 1991. She is a formally trained and ceritfied Spiritual Director for leaders with The Transforming Center in Wheaton, IL, an Enneagram Author, International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Professional with IEA Accredited Certification Program and IEA Great Lakes Chapter President. A Seminar Instructor with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies, Loyola University Chicago. 

In addition to Clare’s work with Teaching and Spiritual Communities, she currently serves on boards for Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, and Sexual Assault Services Calhoun County Advisory Board. She conducts conferences, workshops and retreats in the US and Abroad.

Clare is a contemplative-activist Christ-follower with a conviction that all sustainable action in the world must emerge from a life that is centered and operates from interior freedom.  Gratefully married 35 years, deeply blessed with children and grandchildren. As a ministry team and individually, Scott and Clare challenge people to grow in personal and relational integrity. They love life, adore each other, and passionately lead people into their God-given design and desire. You can email her




"Although I could say much more, two things stand out as I reflect back on the January 2107 MOS Enneagram training I was privileged to participate in: first, the competency of the leader and the quality of the participants created a learning atmosphere that was both dynamic and welcoming. When diving into deep soul waters, the security of knowing one is in a safe place allows a freedom of sharing that’s really important for learning something so personal. Clare Loughrige employs a potent and apt pedagogy in her teaching—using case studies and the participants understanding of their own Enneagram type to flesh out complex concepts and patterns." Robert Moore-Jumonville, Ph.D. Professor of Christian Spirituality Spring Arbor University Michigan

"Clare is a very energetic and interactive speaker. She has creatively combined some traditional practices of spirituality, particularly Ignatian spiritual practices, with the Enneagram spectrum of personality styles. You will find her presentations engaging, thoughtful and useful." Jerome Wagner, Ph.D., author: Nine Lenses on the World: the Enneagram Perspective; The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles.

“Clare Loughrige's Enneagram materials have been invaluable to me as a spiritual director. Her knowledge of, and insights into the Enneagram have helped me to understand this valuable instrument in ways I previously had not. Again and again I find that when I use her materials with others, paths to freedom in Christ are discovered in ways not previously seen. Plus, hearing Clare teach on the Enneagram makes the material come alive even more!” Mary Albert Darling, Author and Associate Professor of Communication, Adjunct, Masters in Spiritual Formation and Leadership Chair, Christian Perspective in the Liberal Arts (CPLA) Spring Arbor University

Motions of Soul Training illuminated and solidified my previous Enneagram teachings obtained through Drs. Jerry Wagner, Beatrice Chestnut and Richard Rohr. The Head, Heart & Gut triad gives me a framework to hold the numerous nuances of the Enneagram in a way that is meaningful and transformational. Spiritually MOS resonates with my soul and gives me confidence to invite those I work with to join in the journey of transformation. Dr. Lori Tate - Spiritual Director, Soul Dig.

"We are very grateful for Clare’s facilitation, teaching and the understanding she imparted to us at Family Tree with the Enneagram Workshop. The Lord has blessed her with many talents and she is sharing them to impact others. In this case, not only our team but the patients we serve. " R. Troy Carlson, M.D., Family Tree Medical Practice

West Michigan Wesleyan Pastors 41-Hour Retreat

  • We will use this!
  • Great tool for ministry and marriage
  • I was very impressed with what she had to share. Provided great conversation with my wife and with our church staff that attended.
  • Wish it could have been longer!
  • A new approach for me and opened up a lot of good discussion about me and the staff at my church. Good...found out in our situation Hitler married Mother Teresa!
  • New insights and it's taught me to never hire staff without going through some sort of 'personality' test to ensure compatibility. It also really helped my wife and I understand more about each other. Brilliant! Clare was extremely articulate and a great communicator.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Clare Loughrige to you. I have invited Clare to speak in both small group (approximately 25) and larger group (more than 200) and in each setting, we have found her presentations to be engaging, insightful and meaningful for each participant. Clare knows how to keep an audience’s attention using the right amount of humor and pertinent examples while presenting the material in a fast- paced manner. I believe your organization will benefit both from the Enneagram and the way Clare presents it." 

Rev. Chris Conrad, District Superintendent West Michigan District – Wesleyan Church

Training Document for Print
More information:  Enneagram and MOS Training and Workshops (.pdf)  Enneagram and MOS Training and Workshops (.docx)